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Principal researcher

Name: Dr. John Gill

Contact details: 1 The Grange, 85 High Street, Iver, Bucks SL0 9PN, United Kingdom.
Email: john@johngilltech.com

Website: www.johngilltech.com; www.snapi.org.uk

Project details

Start date:
End date: Ongoing

Description: The SNAPI project was established to: Promote standardisation of coding on smart media for personalisation of terminals; Develop products from the extended EN1332-4 Standard; Act as a centre of excellence, in conjunction with the RNIB Tiresias Website, for improving accessibility to and infrastructure by suppliers and for users of smart media. The project aims to: Utilise and test EN1332-4 "Coding of user requirements for people with special needs"; Use the rapidly increasing number of citizen smart cards being issued by the public sector to provide socially inclusive benefits to citizens requiring use of public access terminals; Enabling smart card schemes to better meet DDA requirements; Create a focus for dissemination of best practise within the Government environment, complete with showcases of working smart card schemes; Provide useful feedback to central and local Government of design and implementation of large scale smart card initiatives e.g. cards operating in the benefits, health and transport sectors; Provide smart media suppliers with a standard approach to customisation of terminals using smart media.

Other organisations involved in this project

The SNAPI Steering Group operates as a sub-group of LASSeO (Local Authority Smartcard Standards and eServices Organisation).

Last updated: 14/03/2010