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Universal Design in Mulitmodal Interfaces

Principal researcher

Name: Fredrik Svversen

Contact details: fs@ikt-norge.no

Website: http://www.unimod.no/Startside_Engelsk.html

Project details

Start date: 01/2007
End date: 04/2009

Description: The main objective of the UNIMOD-project is to improve the competence of multimodal, personalized user interfaces, and thus to improve the accessibility and use of electronic services.

The project’s solutions will address different groups of users with different kinds of cognitive challenges.  These solutions will simplify the use for all users, not only for the cognitively disabled, and will therefore contribute to increasing the data quality and efficiency of electronic services.

Other organisations involved in this project

Brunel University
The Brønnøysund Register Centre
The Delta Centre
Karde AS
More AS
Norkart AS
Norwegian Computing Center (NR)
Tellu AS
Åstvedt AS

Last updated: 10.12.2010