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Universal Access to Passenger Rail

Principal researcher

Name: Linda van Roosmalen

Contact details: Marshall Elevator Company, 2015 Mary Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15203, United States of America.
Tel: +1 412 431 1340
Email: Lvanroosmalen@marshallelevator.com

Website: www.marshallelevator.com

Project details

Start date: 01/10/2005
End date: 01/10/2007

Description: Freight rail shares train tracks with passenger rail cars. The differences in car width result in horizontal gaps between passenger rail cars and boarding platforms. This gap creates safety hazards not only for wheelchair users but also for the elderly, for individuals with visual impairment, and even for other passengers boarding rail cars. This project continues the research on the Phase I prototype QuickRamp™. Phase II activities optimize QuickRamp’s™ strength, durability, and drive mechanisms; and evaluate the system for safety and usability. This technology provides a universal solution to the rail access problem and solves platform-to-rail car access for all potential rail passengers including individuals using wheeled mobility, children, individuals with visual impairment, and the elderly. Additionally, it eliminates rail personnel assistance for individuals with disabilities boarding or exiting trains, ensuring passenger independence for all train riders.

Other organisations involved in this project

Last updated: 20/03/2010